I want to tell you a story of many years ago, but if I tell you how it started, you wouldn’t believe. In 1982 my dream was to create in Milan a center where all dancers could confront and express themselves, as in the famous dance studios.
The conception of the dancer and the technical needs of this art projected in my mind. And from that moment, the idea to produce technical items that could enhance the shapes and improve the performance never abandoned me.
In 1989, I opened my first shop in Milan, beginning with the famous Flare Leg Jazz Pants (Pantajazz) and with several models of danze shoes, bringing an innovation of style and technical solutions to Italy for the very first time.
In 2006 ,with the launch of Danc’in , starts the choice to specialise only in footwear. The proposals follow one another with a seriesof new models, sandals with high heels rhinestone covered, flex and shock absosbing sole plateau.
In 2014, after years of research and field testing, we created the DRS dance sole, in collaboration with Vibram.
The secret of this innovative sole is in the use of an exclusive mix, designed by Vibram, that permit to overcome the limits of the common dance sole.
The Vibram DRS Danc’in sole is high-performing on all floors, both internal and external, maintaining the same high standard of flexibility of the buffalo sole
Today, we are thrilled to share the result of over 30 years of work and we want to continue with the ambitious plan to create new shoes that are not only accessories but are also distinguishing marks of style, charming, comfortable, high performing models ”The pleasure of dance with Danc’in”.