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The fundamental basis on which the company was created, from the visionary dream of Marcello Ruggiero, is to create a unique technical shoe of its kind, with the help and collaboration of artists and passionate shoe-designers.
Today Dancin is a well-known international brand producing technical footwear with a contemporary and innovative design, which always firmly believes in all the artists who have decided to dedicate their life to dance.

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Danc’in, a company specializing in the creation of shoes for dance and dance, recognized internationally, offers the opportunity to all teachers with a diploma in Italy or abroad to join the P.A.D. (Project Artist Dancin)

The exclusive advantages of P.A.D.

For your image:

ROLL UP (indoor display with your photo and Dancin brand) to be exhibited at the school premises, during events, demonstrations or during lessons.

For the development of your image:

It is required during the production of the photo that the subject / s wear Dancin footwear in good condition, where the footwear is not in optimal condition, Dancin offers you the possibility to buy shoes with a reserved discount on the price list to the public.

For your business:

Danc’in grants you the use of a Technical price list with discounted prices for your personal purchases, for you who have made dance a profession.

Become part of the Dancin events team
Every year Danc’In sponsors events related to the world of dance and offers the opportunity to all its “Presenters” to join the events team so that you can expand your communication channels and partnerships with professionals from all over the world.

    Upload a copy of the Teacher certification card/certificate or the company certificate (accepted formats: png, jpg, pdf. Maximum 4MB) .